​Myers Industrial

  • Keeping vegetative pests out of Right of Way (ROW)
  • Replacing worn or broken tie plates
  • Replace or re-attach gage rods
  • Raise, line and tamp sections of track
  • Keep inventory on lay down yard rail components
  • Service de-railers
  • Weld rail ends and other build up welds
  • Add ballast as needed and squeeze tamp
  • Clean track where large coal spills occur
  •  Track cleaning for coal fouled ballast
  • Apply graphite to switches
  • Install hydraulic fluid in switch pumps
  • Repair rail gage


By having multiple office and shop locations in Perry, Cartersville, Cedartown, & Juliette, MIC can offer quick and multi-level responses to emergency calls for rail and train problems. We also have the ability to move our own equipment with our own trucks and on staff CDL drivers. 
 Myers Industrial Construction promises to warranty work executed by its crews and personnel. 

Myers Industrial Construction's Services Includes...

  • Orgo Thermite welding
  • Inspect track work for defects
  • Expansion Joint
  • Switch Maintenance
  • Trestle track, joint bars and bolts
  • Cross tie replacement
  • Settling spikes (driving in spikes that have backed out)
  • Tightening bolts
  • Replacing sheared track bolts, heel block and frog bolts
  • Replacing broken joint bars
  • Hogging out switches (cleaning ballast out of mechanisms)​
  • Replace or repair shoulder braces
  • Re-attach or install new rail anchors